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why do many web sites fail?

the internet is a powerful business tool, but too many companies today are disappointed with results. significant time and money are spent on web site development, only to have the site not meet expectations. the site looks good, but not enough people are finding it.

after the headlong rush to jump on the internet bandwagon, many companies now realize that they need a second generation web effort—one that really works.

zebedee was founded to help companies make the web work for them. we can design or redesign a site to make sure it is delivering maximum impact. and zebedee is focused on the critical component of driving traffic to the site and keeping it there.

effective web sites combine sound business objectives with intelligent design and expert search engine management. we work with clients to make sure the entire program is integrated to meet those objectives.

zebedee solves the mysteries of web site design and the internet penetration. our approach is completely client focused and built on your objectives.

zebedee can help. we'll help you turn an underdeveloped resource into a dynamic business tool. contact us at info@zebtech.com.


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